Founded in 2007, Bloo House was established to be a school that truly recognised the individual talents of each child. Our unique and inspiring curriculum has always enabled children to achieve their best in a variety of multiple intelligences.  As a school, we value the ideas and creativity of our students. Indeed, the school’s name was created by the first few children, who wanted a name that was different and phonetically distinctive!


Since the beginning, we have always maintained our belief in the core values of child development – education, wellbeing and happiness. These three principles create the foundation needed for all individuals to positively thrive whilst learning, enabling true potential and passion to shine through. Our philosophy encapsulates values-based education, which empowers children to value themselves, others and their environment through the art of positive communication. By helping children to develop emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually, the school provides the best holistic environment for children to succeed as independent and creative thinkers.


Bloo House is a school that upholds the spirit of childhood. The essence of discovery, intuition, happiness and joy are key elements for a child’s success. As such, our curriculum is designed to encourage and support a child’s natural spirit – free to express, to value and understand oneself. As well as core subjects being creatively delivered to a high standard, the school also prides itself in offering philosophy, psychology yoga, Forest School and Outdoor Learning as part of its core curriculum.


Respect is a key foundation of the school’s ethos. Respect for oneself and each other is a process learned as one grows emotionally and socially. Our teachers aim to earn the respect of the children through positive role modelling. Through this understanding of mutual respect for one another, genuine relationships are formed between staff and children presenting an environment where everyone is valued and respected.


Equality is an important part of the daily life at Bloo House. From the beginning, we have always welcomed boys and girls, but the principle of equality goes much deeper than that. By recognising and valuing each member of the school community, we create an endearing atmosphere that is relaxed, calm and understanding. At Bloo House, children and staff all use first names when talking with each other. This sets a precedent for understanding individuality, helping to form closer bonds and relationships with the children. In addition, we do not have uniforms at Bloo House. Instead, through guidance on appropriate attire at school, we encourage the children to dress according to who they are as individuals.


At Bloo House, collaboration means every individual, whether staff, parent or student, is encouraged to be an active part of the school’s community. Through this cooperation and support for each other, children enjoy a seamless experience offering a natural and healthy balance between school and home life. As such, we ask parents to attend regular parent workshops, students to join us on Open Days and staff to support the school and parents through different activities and events. School is a family community and is more than just providing an education. And it is within this community where the young, through the guidance of their elders, evolve key character traits such as curiosity, confidence, grit and determination.


Community is a natural process at Bloo House. Being a modern school that recognises the differences and human qualities of each individual can be more demanding than conformity and blind acceptance. The Bloo House community is one where everyone has the right to be who they want to be. The role of everyone in the school is to respect each other’s gifts, be tolerant of others and essentially promote a feeling of positivity. Our pupils are dedicated to life and never settle for second best. Our pupils learn the importance of friendship and supporting those around them – they endorse a caring and sensitive appreciation that in life, an influential and resilient community consists of thoughts from many individuals.