The Arts


We believe that all children can make use of artistic mediums as another means of expressing themselves.

Using a variety of materials and processes, children are encouraged to look at the elements of art, including pattern, colour, line and form.

In addition, through craftwork and the use of many different mediums and materials, children are free to express their individuality under the guidance of our specialist art and craft teacher.

These basic concepts are essential for the children’s continual development as artists, providing the building blocks enabling them to develop themselves in response to their environment.



These lessons allow children to express themselves through improvisation, games and structured performances.

These innovative sessions help children develop imagination, language skills, social skills, confidence and creative expression. Drama works to promote a child's imagination and is vital in giving a child the ability to deal with everyday feelings.

Several Bloo House children attend drama and dance schools and have made appearances on stage and television.


Music and Dance

Music The main focus of the musical development of each child at Bloo House is to encourage an appreciation and joy for musical learning.

Children begin to absorb the music of their surroundings from an early age and it is from this simple starting point that we begin to develop an understanding of music making. Music helps to develop a finer aesthetic sense; it offers the chance to participate in something active, creative and joyful.

The emotional development of children seems particularly heightened when music has its place in integrated learning. All our lessons incorporate music theory, use of voice and practical music making using instruments.

However, generally these components are not worked on in an isolated format. Activities are often presented to the children through use of a storytelling context, or as a game. This approach encourages the children to maintain a sense of fun and creativity when approaching their music making.

A holistic approach to the use of the voice, and the development of musical ability from within, are key to developing sensitive, enthusiastic musicians who will continue to enjoy and appreciate music throughout their lives.

For children who want to develop their musical ability, Bloo House also offers additional sessions in singing, piano, guitar, violin, wind instruments and percussion.

With music comes movement, so part of the school’s core curriculum involves dance. For those children with a passion to develop their moves further, extra curricular activities for movement and dance are also available.



Play is a central part of our curriculum.  We fully encourage children to play through their learning and to be enabled to share games and ideas with their friends.

They create characters and scenarios and are enabled to follow through on these imaginative journeys from day to day.