Principal’s Welcome

melWhen parents first visit the school, they often say how much they wished they could have gone to a school such as Bloo House.

Every experience the children live and breathe with us is fundamental to their overall development. Our eclectic and pioneering curriculum enables children at Bloo House to explore their passions and fulfil their potential providing them with the perfect foundation for their future.

I believe that for an individual to be successful in life, innovation and integrity must lie at the core of their accomplishments. And through our 8 Aptitude philosophy, we enable these core traits through specific areas of child development; social, personal, moral, spiritual, physical, cultural, logical and linguistic.


Yes, we are academically ambitious for our pupils and yet we also recognise the importance of childhood. As such, we wholeheartedly believe that education should be an authentic partnership between family and school.

If you are looking for a school that truly embraces the wonder of balance, passion and potential, I would encourage you to come and visit Bloo House and get a feel for our atmosphere, ethos and of course to meet some of the inspiring individuals who already attend the school.


Melissa Carter