Please take time to read this brief selection of genuine and kind comments about Bloo House.

A happy parent
Bloo House provides a safe, highly enjoyable and stress-free learning environment where our children are flourishing
A Surrey parent
My daughter has enjoyed every moment and I personally have had great peace of mind sending her to Bloo House, knowing that you are using the philosophies that we share too. We are of course pleased that she has continued to progress in her learning, but much more importantly we are just pleased to see that she is so happy at Bloo House and that it was the right choice for us.
A grateful parent
I really wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you, watching our little boy blossom has been such a gift. You have innately believed in him and that means the world to us.
A Local parent
We just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you do. We really are so impressed with how you run the school. Our children are blossoming under your care and love school.
From one of our children
Teachers are so creative, they give us so many amazing things to do!