We offer places to children aged between 4.09 – 7 years of age.   These are the ‘rising fives’ to the rising sixes.’

The group purposefully comprises mixed ages to create a family structure where older children become aware of the needs of those younger, and the younger children learn from the older children. Children who are familiar with the rhythm of the kindergarten are encouraged to help the younger children, which eases their integration.

For children aged 5 and under, the child usually attends for 5 full days although we settled children into school through half days over a set period of time. The Kindergarten children spend their afternoons eating their packed lunch together, followed by quiet time, a rest and then further play and learning activities.  One afternoon a week is spent in the woods where we eat together and attend Forest School in the Surrey Hills.

The day is structured so that there is a varied pace, with periods of ‘breathing in’ and ‘breathing out’ to provide a balance between times of activity and times of rest. This might mean that creative play would be followed by music and drama, or energetic outdoor play by a quiet story.  In practice, child-initiated activity is alternated with teacher-led activity.

The kindergarten day follows a consistent and predictable pattern and the children do the same things at the same times each day of the week. Within this rhythm the children feel held and safe and understand the flow of each day and week.

Our intent is that children enthusiastically complete Bloo Kindergarten, ready to embark upon the next phase of their learning adventure in Year 3 at Bloo House School. 

Places are offered, as a matter of priority, to those families who wish for their children to be educated in the care of the school’s ethos and philosophy and who intend to enable their children to successfully grow up, through the different classes, in order to complete their primary school education.


The education is based on research that highlights that everything, which surrounds the child, both visible and invisible, has an impact on the child. The education takes account of the whole child, including his/her soul qualities and believes that children’s learning flourishes in a calm, peaceful, predictable, familiar and unhurried environment, which recognises the child’s sensory, spiritual, emotional, cognitive and physical development.


The whole child

The Bloo House School Curriculum takes as given, the multiple intelligent interconnectedness of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive development.

Young children need to experience the relevance of their world before they separate themselves from it and begin to analyse it in a detached way. Learning gains meaning by its relevance to life and should not be separated from the business of daily living. The learning experience of children under seven therefore is integrated and is not always subject based.

Our intent is for children to flourish, to be happy, to become connected and to be living in their element. We provide as many opportunities as possible in order to support individual aptitudes and inspire passions within the children so that they may fully embrace their childhood.



Morning Drop Off:  8.30 – 9.00

Afternoon collection: 3.30 p.m.

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