Fees are charged in advance of each term.

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The non-refundable fee to register a child for a place at Bloo House School is £150

Acceptance Deposits

To confirm acceptance of a place at Bloo House School the following acceptance deposit will be required:

Bloo Kindergarten          £1000

Years 3 & 4                       £2000

Years 5 & 6                       £2500

As pupils progress through Bloo House School the difference between deposit amounts will be payable on entry into the next teaching group. Deposits are refunded against the final term of Year 6 or deducted from the Exit Term’s fees, should the Terms and Conditions and Notice Period be upheld. Fees are basic tuition fees. Learning Support, Bloo Breakfast, Bloo Care, sports kits, stationary, any damaged/lost reading books, workbooks or textbooks and school trips/outings, including the Tolkien Autumn and Summer Term Adventures, will be invoiced in arrears.